Eric Raddatz NEM V-EX


Each of us is several, is many, is a profusion of selves.
So that the self who disdains his surroundings is not the same
as the self who suffers or takes joy in them. In the vast
colony of our being there are many species of people
who think and feel in different ways.
— Fernando Pessoa, Livro Do Desassossego
We are all patchwork, and so shapeless and diverse in
composition that each bit, each moment, plays its own
game. And there is as much difference between us and
ourselves as between us and others.
— Michel de Montaigne, Essais, Second Book, 1

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Eric Raddatz

In the experience of living I continue to wonder at the confusion of beings that I present at any given moment. 

The profusion of emotions, thoughts and dreams that complete my inner self, never to be revealed, never allowed to escape, only held back for those private moments alone and unafraid in the dark just before sleeping.  It is not living a lie. It is what each of us do in the day to day, at work or play, church, a family gathering.  All of us hide the real inside, clinging to the hope that others will not know the truth of our selves, only know the self-presented.

My photographs are an attempt to symbolize the struggle that lives in each of us.  The separate selves that even in our most guarded moments can slip out and be exposed.  Walking with a friend, at a restaurant, or simply waiting for a ride, each has its place as times of joy, peace, frustration or comfort, but lurking inside can be the anger, hurt, fear, disappointment, pain that life has marked within our very souls.