Forced Captivity


Sukru Mehmet Omur and Andrea Bigiarini invite all the world's mobile artists to join sending their entries  on the theme "FORCED CAPTIVITY" and participate at this exhibition that will be held at "La Petite Galerie" gallery for a week from November 5 to November 12 during the Paris Photo event.

In the beginning, when the world was created
everything was based on egalitarianism.
No more today; and this is getting worse by the minute.
Today the world is full of inequalities.
The contradictions of starvation /fullness / richness / poverty, development / underdevelopment, freedom / unjust captivity, oblivion / ignorance / light / bigotry, 
hope / despair is all around us.

The world and all its countries are getting their share. Injustice prevails, journalists are waiting in prisons for the judgement for years because of their opinions, child abuse, environmental problems, immigration problems continue to disturb
sensible people all around us.

Everyone is trapped in this world.
We called it "Forced Captivity".

It is now, in these highly divisive times, that we, concerned artists, should tap into our collective consciousness and fiercely call out injustice and give voice and vision to a more humane worldview.


You are invited to interpret the issue of "Forced Captivity" in the fields of social injustice, violence, immigration, corruption, segregation, inequality, decline in values, manipulation of information, power lobbies and anything you find limiting for human life and the peaceful progress of society.

SELECTED ARTWORKS BY: Adelino Marques, Andrea Bigiarini, M.Cecilia Sao Thiago, Filiz Ak, Patricia Clewell, Patricia Januszkiewics, Juta Jazz, Armineh Hovanesian (Best in Show Award), Giulia Baita, Frederic Deschenes, Bilgehan Yilmaz, Sukru Mehmet Omur, Mehmet Duyulmus, Jane Schultz, Ezra Tanoren, Becky Menzies, Manuela Matos Monteiro, Peter Wilkin, Ece Mizrakci and Roger Guetta.





The International Jury


Manuela Matos Monteiro (Portugal)

Manuela Matos Monteiro studied Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Porto, was a teacher of secondary education, a teacher trainer and has performed several functions for the Ministry of Education.

She is the author of several books on Psychology, Psychosociology and Pedagogy published by Porta Editora. She coordinated NETPROF - Clube dos Professores Portugueses on the Internet and directed 2:PONTOS magazine.
She has won several prizes in contests and has already exhibited in Portugal, Brussels (European Parliament), Mozambique (Maputo and Beira), France (Paris and Bordeaux), Florence, Berlin (two photography biennials 2013 and 2016), Miami, Kansas City among others . She has been member of several contest’s jury She directs since 2013, with João Lafuente, the galleries Espaço MIRA, MIRA FORUM and since April 2017 the gallery MIRA | performative arts.


Roger Guetta (Canada)

Roger Guetta has been a professor at Vanier College in Montreal for 36 years. For these many years, Mr. Guetta has continued to create his photographic works. He has shown internationally from Paris to Los Angeles to Florence. For the last decade he has worked exclusively with mobile devises to generate his works.


M. Cecilia São Thiago (Brazil)

M. Cecilia São Thiago is a Graphic Designer, Photographer and Goldsmith from São Paulo, Brazil and mainly works with photography.

She lived 6 years in Munich Germany and his work has an influence of German-speaking artists by mere coincidence.
Postgraduate in 2017 in the Course of Processes, Management and Contemporary Culture of Madalena / Unimes and professor since then, teaching Art and Photo Editing for mobile devices.
His works had been exhibited lately in Florence, Rome and Paris where he received featured prizes.


Giulia Baita (Italy)

Giulia Baita lives in a beautiful island called "Sardinia". She has a degree in History of Contemporary Art and teaches at the Art School of Cagliari (Italy). For nine years she has been passionate about mobile photography and mobile art. She has participated in several international exhibitions of mobile art and numerous mobile movie festivals. She founded MAG MobileArtGroup (a Facebook group and a page on Instagram and Twitter) that aims to promote mobile art.


Frédéric Deschênes (Canada)

Frédéric Deschênes is a French Canadian photographer and reporter-cameraman-editor with 20 years of experience. He works for CBC / Société Radio-Canada, the Canadian National Television. He has participated in several international exhibitions in Canada, Italy, Hungary, USA and Ireland. He has won several awards including The IMPOSSIBLE HUMANS Award by The New Era Museum for the MAJE - Mobile Art-Jazz Experience exhibition in Italy this year. His versatility and passion for photography and especially mobile photography, lead him to keep discovering new horizons.


Sukru Mehmet Omur (Turkey)

Sukru Mehmet Omur is a ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) surgeon, who is now working as a full time mobile photographer and an artist. On top of these areas he is also a writer focusing on photography and wine. He is originally from Turkey and currently living in Paris. He graduated from CE3P images school in Paris and till today, his mobile works as an artist had been exhibited in Paris, Indianapolis, Florence and Istanbul. Mehmet is managing 4 mobile artistry, 4 photography groups and 2 photography pages in Facebook and his book on “iPhone photography" is be published recently in 2018.


Andrea Bigiarini (Italy)

Andrea Bigiarini is a professional photographer and a digital artist born and living in Florence, Italy. Passionate about clouds, landscapes and vintage film cameras.
Fascinated since boyhood by painting, illustration, graphic design and photography, in 2012 Andrea founded The New Era Museum, the first museum devoted to mobile photography as a tool for the improvement of reality and the building of a new era.
He's the brain of the most revolutionaries events, exhibitions and live art performances of photography and Mobile Photography.

His works has been exhibited in many galleries around the world. Andrea has been member of many international photo-contest juries and his works varies from the film photography to a hybridization between photography and digital painting techniques.

Andrea Bigiarini appear in the list of international photographers selected by Jack Lang, former french minister of culture and current president of the ima “Institut du monde arabe".


- Any artist may submit up to 5 images (black and white or color).
- The artist must own the full copyright for each entry.
- The organization does not take responsibility for any traffic issues that may cause the contest site to be offline.
- Submissions will not be returned.
- Fees will not be refunded.
- NEM is not responsible for the loss or failure of any submission.
- The printed artworks remains at disposal of the exhibition organization.
- All images must be taken and edited ONLY with mobile devices. (tablets, smartphones or mobile phones).
 - Artworks may ONLY be edited using mobile device apps.
- We will only consider submissions that have been sent to us using this page and method.
- Images with WATERMARKS, FRAMES, BORDERS and SIGNATURES will not be considered and fee not refunded.
- Images considered totally OUT OF THE TOPIC/THEME will be not considered and fees not refunded. 

Image use

- The artist retains all copyright for their images.
- Any image used by the exhibition will be properly identified and credited to its author.
- Participation in this exhibition presumes the artist grants the exhibition organization the right to use images in publications, events, concerts, live performances and promotional materials.