Our mission

Promote the creation of visual art on mobile devices, in order to spread a form of active thought, which will help to build a new era in society, a new culture, and free our artistic expression even further.



The New Era Museum Manifesto

December 22, 2012.  

For American natives culture represents the beginning of a new era of peace and harmony. It is the birth of new era.

For the first time in history everybody has the ability to communicate in “real time” their ideas, visions and dreams  using simply mobile devices  scattered throughout the world using social networks.

A  new digital Renaissance.

Florence, the city of art par excellence and heritage of humanity.  

The city that gave birth to an original aspect  and began a new era of thoughts ;   lead the way of art, culture, philosophy and conception of the world, that is  known as Renaissance. A new era for humanity.

For this reason, it is born right in the heart of Florence for the world over “The New Era Museum”.

A perfect cross breeding through Art, Thoughts and Philosophy,  to act and characterize and be part of this New Renaissance, to enrich and nourish the world with images.

Do your images have the power to improve society?

Is  your artwork a sign of love worthwhile for humanity? 

Would your art be helpful to build a New Era of peace and harmony?

All your purpose and ideas translated into images and photos will create a curated and  permanent art exhibition on the Web through social networks that will collect the visions of a New Era.

Proposals, desire and dreams that you would like to see realized for a new world  and  better society and culture throughout your vision.

Each of your images will be the bricks for this New Era.

An iconographic memory  as testimonial evidence  to encourage a positive change in a new environment, society of culture and in human relationships  with artistic action aimed for a social sphere.

It is a call for action for every artist participating in this cultural Renaissance.

The New Era Museum Founder Artists