"When many of us create, we leave our consciousness and enter a dreamlike state. As curators, we looked for images that reflected that internal state as it is transformed onto the iOS photographic canvas. The artist’s dream state becomes a surreal and oniric reality."

(Jane Streimer Shultz)

ARTWORKS IN THIS EXHIBITION BY: Vanessa Vox / @vanessavox, Patricia / @phwax, Rikkr / @rikkr, Kristina Ručková / @titanika, Paul Moore / @paulmoore, Eitan Shavit / @strongcomet, Daniele Martire / @mdphotography,  Antonio Mojica / @hosscox,  Irene / @ireneoleksiuk, Trish / @courtandspark, Mark Daniels / @toponoetikos, Lee Atwell / @leeatwell5, Yannick Brice / @yannick_brice, Meri Walker / @meriwalker, Aldo Pacheco / @aldopacheco,  Colman Love / @cslove36, Stefania Bigiarini / @stefaniapecchioli, Alain / @tenorsoul, Davide Capponi / @rubicorno, Federica Corbelli / @lubaluft, Ginza / @ginza, Ivana J. B. / @ivajo, Jack Varnell / @emotionalorphan,  Scott / @gunundi, Tracy J. Thomas / @tracyjathomas, Fabio D'Andrea / @fastcomet, MeriWalker / @MeriWalker, Erika C. Brothers / @erikacbrothers, Vanessa Vox / @VanessaVox, Roger Guetta / @rogerguetta @DraMan,  Gina Costa / @gcosta9 @gcosta2, Philippe schlossberg / @schlossberg, Juta Jazz / @jjazz, Diana Jeon / @diananicholettejeon, Bob / @bobhos2012, Eitan Shavit / @strongcomet and Diana Jeon / @diananicholettejeon.



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Patricia Larson - iPhoneographer
NEM Artist

Start with the mobile photography in 2011 and I was quickly trapped. Started editing and I fell in love editing, I knew I had the ability to create art, each of my photographs tell a story, each day by day, talk about my feelings or the feelings of others, sometimes speak of love, others of heartbreak, talk about loyalty, my traditional family, my person. I love to convey my emotions in my pictures.


Jane Streimer Schultz -iPhoneographer NEM Member

“I do a lot of self portrait edits. There’s no one to please and I have a readily available canvas. The edits tend to be deconstructive in nature, taking apart and challenging traditional portraits. Sometimes, they are my canvas for an art project, while other times they are expressive in nature revealing an inner self.


Claudia Contreras - iPhoneographer, NEM Member.

Born in Mexico City, multidisciplinary artist, her photography covers the self-portrait, black and white, abstract art, photography social content, is also Poet, blogger and podcaster,


The curated images in this exhibition come from NEM Submissions galleries on EyeEm and Flickr.