The Picture Project - London By Night

The Picture Project - iPhoneographer Dilshad Corleone and music photographer Matt Davey, present their first production - London By Night (Click on the picture for video)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a big camera photographer and a smartphone photographer were to go out and spend a day and a night shooting? 

Dilshad Corleone - New Era Museum - & Matt Davey

How many a time have you thought I would like to catch that light trail, or I’d love to do a long exposure but I don’t have the right gear!  Well, an idea that sparked from a hastily taken photograph and a conversation on Facebook that spiralled into something surreal, which lead to the birth of The Picture Project and a video documenting the antics of two crazy guys shooting London By Night. 


Matt Davey and I created a small project to get creative people alike to work together, promoting the arts and encouraging those to do what they love.

After thorough planning, we decided to get the ball rolling and we took our gear for a ride. We ended up spending seventeen hours out in the cold on a tour-de-force shooting the same subjects, this comparative study on how an iPhone and a Cannon Mark II related has been fully caught on camera, so worry no more for all your questions shall be answered here, the only thing you have to do is to get the popcorns out, sit and enjoy the journey. This is going to be a fun and exciting ride!

London by Night (partial gallery) - Shot by Dilshad with an iPhone.

London by Night (partial gallery) - Shot by Matt with a Canon Mark II.