On stage (Left to Right) - Liliana Schwitter, Marco Testoni, Linda Hollier, Isabel Afonso, Gianluca Ricoveri (NEM Founder Artist) and Andrea Bigiarini - NEM Founder.

On stage (Left to Right) - Liliana Schwitter, Marco Testoni, Linda Hollier, Isabel Afonso, Gianluca Ricoveri (NEM Founder Artist) and Andrea Bigiarini - NEM Founder.

The EQUINOX EXPERIENCE is a revolutionary project of the New Era Museum (NEM), CROSSMEDIA GROUP and the Florence International Photography Awards (FIPA) to create a new concept of immersive photo exhibition dedicated solely to the Mobile Art located in the deconsecrated historical church of Santo Stefano al Ponte in the heart of the old Florence, few meters from Ponte Vecchio.




Lisa Peters, Kate Zari Roberts, Edward Santos, Armineh Hovanesian, Jo Sullivan, Jane Schultz, Manuela Matos Monteiro, Lee Atwell, Allyson Marie, Mark Daniels, Giancarlo Beltrame, Brett Chenoweth, Dominique Torrent, Eliza Badoiu, Giulia Baita, Isabel Afonso, Rino Rossi, Tess Lulu, Clarisse Debout, Nettie Edwards, Juta Jazz, Patricia Januszkiewicz, Elaine Taylor, Luison, Tim Creamer, Jennifer Thomas, Linda Hollier, Alexis Rotella, Christine O Sobczak, Liliana Schwitter, Florence Olivier, Katie Teixeira, Ilana Buch-Akoundi, Bob Weil, Dani Salvatori, Ilise Harris, Eleni Gemeni, Piroska Boros, Rob Pearson Wright, Marco Di Battista, Sukru Mehmet Omur, Maurizio Zanetti, Helen Breznik, Joshua Sarinana.



The EQUINOX EXPERIENCE is both an exhibition lasting 15 days in the cloister of the millennial church of Santo Stefano al Ponte and immersive experience of images and music.

The audio and video experience is a multimedia show in where the audience is literally immersed into giant size projections leading the visitors into an immersive sensory trip inside the magnificent visions of the most talented artists of the Mobile Photography movement, personal testimonies of how this movement has changed the way we produce and disseminate art of this new artistic movement in place for 10 years now. 



SELECTED ARTWORKS BY:  Joshua Sarinana‎ (USA), Dominique Torrent (France), Jennifer Thomas (Australia), Manuela Matos Monteiro (Portugal), Juta Jazz (Cyprus), Isabel Afonso (Portugal), Sukru Mehmet Omur (Turkey), Rino Rossi (Italy), Eliza Badoiu (Romania), Eleni Gemeni (Luxembourg), Tess Lulu (France), Helen Breznik (Canada), Bob Weil (USA), Giancarlo Beltrame (Italy), Liliana Schwitter (Switzerland), Rob Pearson Wright (UK), Linda Hollier (Arab Emirates), Nettie Edwards (UK), Katie Teixera (USA), Lee Atwell (USA).

During the experience MARCO TESTONI, Pollock Project, performed live music improvising on the images shown on the 11 giant screens creating a perfect fusion between visual art and music.

The artistic partnership between the images of the New Era Museum and the Art Jazz Marco Testoni culminates with the performance THE UNEXPECTED HAPPENING, which took place in the Auditorium of Rome in March of 2016.

The EQUINOX EXPERIENCE will be the highlight of the new concept of photo exhibition inspired by the video projections mapping of exhibitions planned and carried out by the CROSSMEDIA GROUP such as those dedicated to Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, Florence Incredible and Klimt.

Equinox Experience at Santo Stefano al Ponte. 

In the heart of Florence, Santo Stefano al ponte is a deconsecrated 12th century church. Beginning February 2015, it reopened to the public as a multifunctional auditorium and multimedia exhibition space. The intention was that of creating a dynamic venue for edutainment where shows, performances and concerts are part of a rich and eventful program.

The result is the EQUINOX EXPERIENCE that we invite you to partecipate and live.





Is a Retired U.S Army Sergeant turned Artist/MobiePhotographer. His art journey began as art therapy through painting and quickly transitioned to photography via iPhone. 
Whether it is a clear crisp colorful photo showing waves of the beach he calls home or the abstract obscure images that mask his pain and experiences of being a U.S Solider.  All his images are real and represent an artist that tells a tale for all to relate too.
Internationally, his work has been showcased in London, Paris, Galleria Lancellotti in Rome Italy where he won best in show March 2016 and just recently his work will be at the Prestigious PH21 Gallery in Budapest, beginning February 2017....Nationally, his work has been juried into prestigious shows as The Center for Fine Art Photography in Colorado “2016”, MDAC Awards Palo Alto California 2016, Conception Artist Dallas Texas and New York City
Edwards Creations has been published in several magazines, both print and online. His work has been displayed at the highly prestigious Mystic Art Museum, Mystic CT, The Empty Space Project, Putnam, CT, Artist Cooperative Gallery of Westerly, Westerly RI, The Varrick Room, Tribeca NYC, Hope Gallery, Bristol RI and The Artist Loft, NYC with a permanent display of his art at Urban America/Reticle, Roosevelt Island NYC.
Solo Shows - Butler McCook House Museum, Hartford CT.
West Hartford Public Library, West Hartford CT. 
Currently a member of Mystic Art Museum, Conception Emerging Artist, Jazzmen Music & Art Gallery.  He also serves as Vice President of Veterans Art Foundation Board


Lisa Peters grew up in her father's darkroom, spending time on both sides of the camera. She has an MFA in music composition and voice as well as extensive experience in the performing arts. She once ran a puppet theater. She is also a published author with nearly 20 years of professional writing experience. 

In 2013, Lisa reconnected with her love of photography and can now never be found without at least one camera on her person. This passionate calling has garnered her numerous awards, international acclaim, global exhibitions....as well as an amazing community of talented friends, supporters, and mentors. 

For the last two years, Lisa has immersed herself in Iphoneography. Applying her enthusiasm and eclectic skills to founding many popular photography platforms, including RED and I Shoot With Everything. As an NEM artist, she created NEM RED and co-created NEM P.U.R.E. Her celebrated mobile work can be seen in NEM, MIRA, Mobile Photography Club, P58, and beyond.


Jo Sullivan is an award winning photographer and mobile/digital artist living in Tulsa.

She’s been creating art since a young child, making her own pinhole camera at the age of nine and using her family’s only bathroom as her darkroom. Jo is well-known in the international mobile arts community with exhibitions in Paris, London, Florence, Seoul and the Louvre. In addition to receiving multiple awards and showcases, Jo was awarded the Impossible Human award in the photography competition “Impossible Humans/Unexpected Happenings” in Conjunction with the Pollock Project. 
Jo also curates for The New Era Museum as well as Instagram hubs Ig_Artistry and Editfromthesoul.


Awarded, Published and Internationally Exhibited photographer: Born in Paris and raised in Tehran and Boston, with a little over 2 years of dormancy in Lisbon, Armineh is an iPhoneographer now based in Los Angeles, capturing moments since 2009.  She has had no professional training however her vision has been the driving force behind her creations. She also shoots with her DSLR camera.  For the time being, photography is a hobby. 

Her work has been featured in the most important sites and magazines for Mobile Photography as well as 43mm, ArticulAction, Artists Portfolio Magazine, F-Stop Photography Magazine, Photographer’s Forum, Los Angeles Times to name a few. 

She has been the recipient of numerous awards and honorable mentions, most importantly Mobile Photography Awards, Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers, London International Creative, Pollux Awards, and recently she won Lumiere Photography Awards’ Mobile Photographer of the Year 2016 title.

She has had the opportunity to have her work exhibited in various galleries and locations in Los Angeles, New York, Florence, Miami, Paris (including at a special event at the Louvre Museum), Indianapolis, Idaho, Berlin and Budapest.

Armineh is a New Era Museum Artist and is honored to be a judge for The Equinox Experience in Florence


Jane Schultz is an award winning mobile artist from Pennsylvania, USA. Her work embodies a visual illustration of art created from mobile devices which manifest as expressive or emotive images many with an element of the abstract.

Jane's images have been exhibited in museums, art centers, and galleries on an international basis, including in Florence, Rome, and Paris, and featured in numerous publications for photography and mobile artistry. As NEM Artist, she curates the main submissions for the New Era Museum and, additionally, administers @ig_artistry, an Instagram hub which promotes originality, creativity, and emotive art.

Gianluca Ricoveri was born in 1950 in Pisa where he lives, he has always been devoted to the art of painting and photography experiencing the interaction of one genre with another one.

In 2012 he discovered the iPhoneography which allows him to blend the different means of expression. He was given the opportunity of showing his own works in many personal exhibitions in Pisa, Lucca, Asuni,  San Gimignano and Florence at FIPA 2015. He has been chosen many times as "The artist of the day" in IPA and the picture of the day at P1xels. He received an honorable mention at AX3. His works has been selected for  43mm Issue 3 - International Mobile Exposee, for The exhibition at Exposure Mobile Photo, Ohio, for The Contest of The  Art Group The RUSH, in Praha, for the MPA Pocket Vistas, for The Markham Vineyards Gallery exhibition in St.Helena Ca, for the 2014 MPA, for Light Impression in Tour in Miami, had won The Landscape and Nature GoPix Awards, 2015 MPA. 
His works are in permanent exhibition at Mobile Digital Art & More Gallery, Boonton NJ.
He is a founder artist of The New Era Museum.His works has been featured in the most important sites and magazines of Mobile Photography.


Brett Chenoweth is an award-winning and internationally exhibiting artist from Kansas City Missouri.

He has undergraduate degrees in photography, painting and art history. Brett also earned his master’s degree of interdisciplinary studies in Humanities from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vt. in 1999. He has been a painting and drawing instructor in Kansas City, Vermont, and Maine.
Brett reignited his love for photography while taking pictures for source material for his drawings. Brett now focuses on mobile photography as his primary tool for his work. Additionally, the iPad allows him to mix drawing, painting and photography together with ease, essentially obliterating the boundaries between these media--taking Brett's work into new directions.
Brett is a New Era Museum founding artist and curator.


Estabilished in 2008, Crossmedia Group plays today a leading role as a supplier of innovative products and strategies for multimedia exhibitions, applications ,audiovisual, educational, digital market and publishing products.
The constant updates and the long operational experience, progressively motivated us to realize most ambitious creative ideas and to stage unique exhibitions that appeal to a continually wider audience. 
In 2015 Crossmedia Group took on the management of Santo Stefano al Ponte, a deconsecrated church in the heart of Florence - near to the famous Ponte Vecchio - since that time it was the magnificent setting of various successfully exhibits: Van Gogh Alive, Da Vinci Alive, Body Worlds and our first direct production: Incredible Florence, a world premiere daily running until November 2016 and furthermore scheduled in the next four years in the period between April and October. Klimt Experience is the last show, scheduled until April 2017.
In 2016 Crossmedia Group patented a new media platform – the MATRIX X-DIMENSION ® technology- an innovative system that makes possible as never before to produce a literally immersive experience. 


  • The artist retains all copyright for their images.
  • Any image used by NEM will be properly identified and credited to its author.
  • Participation in this exhibition presumes the artist grants NEM the right to use images in publications, events, concerts, live performances and promotional materials.