"Dark Structures" Exhibition

Artworks by Mark Daniels 

Dark Structures

We are reminded everyday that materials are in a continuous process of transition. From building construction, to maintenance, to decay and dissolution, we see materials undergo inevitable changes.

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Those structures and materials remind one of the impermanence, imperfection and beauty of the moment. The transitions and transformations are a reflection of and influence on human consciousness.

Mark Daniels

At the most extreme, the Trinity test in 1945 was an example of material transformation that permanently changed the consciousness of the world, and brought the darkest structures of human consciousness to light. At the level of everyday events, we have an opportunity see the beauty gradual transformation of materials as they interact with light and weather, and our own consciousness and interpretation.  

The New Era Museum strives to connect creative consciousness across the globe through a simple but powerful media, and build new structures in the form of digital art to illuminate the full spectrum of human experience. Through this, meaning and healing results from aesthetic pursuits, and shows that beauty can come from the decay and transformation of both the material world and our own consciousness.

This show is a collection of images produced on the iPhone showing structures in the process of transformation. It is the first in a series of NEM permanent online exhibitions reflecting a theme or topic important to the artist and curated by Andrea Bigiarini.


Mark Daniels is a photographer and artist from San Francisco and has lived in Thailand for nearly twenty years.

He has worked in scientific and technical jobs for his entire life, and in parallel has pursued his interest and passion in art, photography and architecture.  Four years ago he became a devoted follower of the iPhoneography and mobile arts movement, and is grateful to his colleagues at NEM for the opportunity to learn from them and contribute to the NEM vision.