A René Valencia V-Ex

Yes, but who will cure us of the deaf fire, of the colorless fire that runs thru the dusk of the rue of Huchette, going out thru the rotten doorways, of the decayed exteriors, of the imageless fire that licks stones and stalks in the doorsteps, how can we wash ourselves of its sweet burn that continues, that sets on to last on, allied to time and memory, of sticky substances that keeps us on this side, and that will burn us away till we get calcinated ...
— Hopscotch, chapter 73 - Julio Cortázar

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René Valencia

René Valencia studied economics, but he is glad to be known as communicator, journalist and now as mobile photographer.

In love of downtown of Guadalajara, México, he tries to capture the essence of the city through its inhabitants, the various characters that give life and substance to the city. His pictures, taken exclusively by the camera of a mobile phone, are black and white films of fleeting moments that allow you to take the pulse of Guadalajara soul. In his brief career as a photographer has received some significant recognition within and outside the mobile photography:




Cover photo of The Best Mobile Photography and Art Images of 2014, according to the specialized blog The App Whisperer.

Selected by the Mobile Photography Awards in the call Shadow Stories, which allowed him to be exhibited in Soho New York Arthouse in 2014.

One of the 12 mobile photographers who participated in the video Take Us To Guadalajara, conducted by the Wearejuxt blog, now called BaaaRoar, which focuses on a city through the lenses of mobile phones.

One of the 100 Best iPhone Photos Of 2014, according to the Iphone Photography School